Happy Hour: La Cuvee Blanc by Georges Deboeuf

This week really kicked me hard in the shins. You too? No? Just me? Okay, I’ll drink the drinks by myself.

Each week from here until eternity, I’ll pick a wine, beer, or bourbon that’s both affordable and fun and tell you about it. This week, it’s the simply named La Cuvee Blanc by Georges Deboeuf. Don’t let the fancy French name scare you off– a magnum of this stuff goes for $12 at The Wine Market (seriously, that is its name).


I just wandered on in there and was like, “I’m taking this to my friend‘s place tonight and she likes sweet wine and I really don’t and there’s this other lady but I don’t know her, so ummm…” and the winetender just walked right over to this bottle and was all, “GIRL THIS. You want a taste or what?” I think we all know what happened next.

Anyway, Georges Deboeuf is, I think, more or less the Yellow Tail of France, and you know what? I am good with that because this stuff is tasty. It’s got a nice citrusy nose, a leeeetle bit of anise (which can be divisive, yes, but just go with me on this), and some minerality (which is a dorky wine way of saying “tastes like not fruit or flowers but in a nice way”) to round everything out. 

I’m planning on making this tried-and-true chicken-with-sauce, then showing up to their house and yelling, “THE PARTY IS HERE.” Finally, as a special treat, I will gobble all of both. This sounds like a perfect Friday to me. Anyone else want to come?


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