A Word on Astrology

New York Magazine has a profile of my astrologer (“my astrologer”) and I almost hit the floor when I saw it. I started reading her horoscopes when my favorite online daily publication did an interview with her a few years ago. She seemed so reasonable and mathematical, and then she accurately predicted my boyfriend abruptly dumping me, so I came to believe she is the light and the truth.

It’s not that I believe in astrology. I don’t. It’s that I don’t NOT believe in astrology. It seems as likely as any other explanation of weird stuff that happens, and I like the idea that I could find structure and meaning in the world if I could just…read the signs (very Aquarius). I read Susan Miller‘s chart for me every month when the clock strikes midnight on the 1st if the site doesn’t crash.

Also, one time, she tweeted me and I called all of my friends in a complete tizzy, screaming, “SUSAN MILLER KNOWS WHO I AM!” and they all were like, “OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY.” Read this article! It’s so interesting, and she makes you feel so at ease.

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