Tea Party Tuesday: Aroma Oolong

I have a heartbreaker for you, friends. This week’s tea is unavailable to you, tea plebians. The aroma oolong is from Tea Bud, and they only sell wholesale. I feel really badly about this, but not THAT badly, because I’m still posting about it, mainly due to the fact that the pictures turned out nicely.

Super dark! Really caffeinated! Very, very light flavor.
Super dark! Really caffeinated! Very, very light flavor.

Don’t feel that bad, this tea is just okay. My mouth felt a little dry after drinking it, but it was really fragrant and it gives me a chance to share a little bit of information about oolong teas with you, dear reader. Oolongs (or wu-longs, if you’re fancy) are not definitively black or green and range from 8-85% oxidation, which is quite the range of flavors,¬†caffeination, and coloration. This one, as I can easily tell by the shaking in my hands, is on the higher end of the scale. What makes an oolong an oolong is the process by which it is processed. Oolongs are withered under the sun, which gives them a twisted appearance. Isn’t that cool?

With the weekly caveat that I am STILL not a doctor, though my best friend is and so is one of my neighbors, oolongs are helpful with eczema, can prevent hardening of the arteries, and make you more alert. I don’t know why I’m not drinking this all day every day with a resume like that.

It’s available here for an unknown price if you’re a retailer looking to buy a ton of tea.

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