Where I’ve Been

Hi, buddies! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been.Image

This is me, outside the San Francisco Hall of Justice, holding the remainder of my things in the paper sack they give to people who get arrested and have their things taken away. When we were leaving San Francisco, our car was broken into, and everything (including my ID and iPad) was stolen. Somehow, they found the meth-addled crazy people who vandalized our car and managed to recover some of our things. I’m hopeful I’ll get even more back. This meant that we were delayed returning home and that everything is a little off-kilter.

The police said that getting these guys in jail would save them “thousands of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars” and that two were wanted for serial armed robbery. One detective said we were really lucky we hadn’t walked up on them because they “definitely would have stabbed us.” Downside: all my things are covered in meth. 

So I need to redo my editorial calendar and get back on track with my posts. Please be patient with me! I missed you and I’m excited for us to get back in each other’s lives. 

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