Tea Party Tuesday: Bluegrass Mountain

My boss has returned from China, and with him comes a ton of weird, wonderful, rare teas that I am SO EXCITED to share with you. Behold, bluegrass mountain:


Isn’t it mossy-looking?

Remember how I told you about oolongs? This is one of those, too! It’s got the weird variable caffeine/questionable health benefits, but this one is much greener, and oh.my.god. it is so good. Very delicate, vegetal, and a little clovery, it doesn’t smell like anything when you hold your face over it.  It’s so fragile we have to keep it in a freezer case at all times, so it isn’t even available for sale. If you want to come try some, come by my office and I’ll pour you one. 

Have you tried any weird teas since last we spoke?


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