Moving In: Pushing Daisies

Was I the only one who watched the excellent ABC show, Pushing Daisies? I feel like I was.

pushing daisiesThe show was about Pie Maker, the gentle-looking besuited Lee Pace who has a special supernatural talent: he can bring back someone or something from the dead with his touch. The show is about his relationship with Chuck (above, yellow dress, also known as Anna Friel), his weird agoraphobic aunts and their birds (red dresses), Kristin Chenoweth’s being funny, and a sort of complicated relationship with a P.I. (purple shirt). It was inventive, whimsical, and well-written; in short, it was never going to make it and was cancelled after one season. Here’s a quick primer:

The set design and costuming almost stole the show, so to speak. Wouldn’t it be fun to live in the Pie Hole? After the jump, I’ll walk you through making that look your own.

So I think the saturated colors, bold and preppy patterns, and happy shapes would make a great kitchen. I know we did a kitchen last week, but I don’t care. You’re going to need to get on board with this. Sorry. This kitchen idea would be great for a smaller space. It features

First and foremost, I love this look:

yellowhoneycombIt’s okay to be a little bit literal with this look. I would almost say doing a white chair rail with yellow above and this below:

$64 a roll!
$64 a roll!

If you’re slightly zanier and not afraid to play with texture, it would be super cool to get a couple hundred silk daisies and some astroturf and get crazy. Or be a little lazy and get these premade mats, which are $25 for a 12×12 square. I would be so into it if you did this.

Moving right along! How much would I love to own this fridge and this stove?

Answer: infinity. I would like it infinity.
Answer: infinity. I would like it infinity.

They’re a little smaller and have more personality than your standard models. That said, they’re also way more expensive. A cheaper option is colored vinyl appliance wraps. This’ll get you the look without the investment.

Replace any and all extant light fixtures you’ve got with a white, round, textured lampshade. It’s a nice period touch that isn’t too theme-y, and something similar was featured on the show.

I’m assuming you don’t have a ton of space in your kitchen– maybe not even room for a table. Buy three or so of these and park them up by your breakfast bar. Don’t try and force the table issue if it’s not happening. Stop trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s not going to happen.

Keep it simple and classy. These aren't too pricey and are easily moved from point A to B.
Keep it simple and classy. These aren’t too pricey and are easily moved from point A to B.

For what it’s worth, it might look cool to do the astroturf/daisy accent all on the lower side of the bar. Just an idea! Just an idea. Park a pie stand like this one up on the bar to display your wares. It’s sweet and fun and looks very much like the one they used on Pushing Daisies.



Some toile placemats will make the bar seem more like a table and make a nice little not towards La Chenoweth’s stylistic contributions to the show’s design!

toileI’m going to stop here, actually. You could really get as wild as you want with this, but I’ll implore you to keep it sweet, wholesome, and a little bit eccentric. There are dozens of ways to get this right, so let your imagination run wild.

Do you remember this show? Did you love it? What were your favorite rooms on the show? Let me know in the comments!

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