Happy Hour: 2011 McManis Petit Sirah

2 april 049
Come to Mommy.

I may have mentioned this, but the last couple weeks have been a touch trying. Happy Hour has become more and more appealing. This week, I bring you the 2011 McManis Petit Sirah. I picked¬†this up at Bi Rite last week, but it’s fairly available. It’s about $10, and it’s different, but very nice.

Immediately, you get a lot of vanilla, caramel, and maple syrup flavors from this very dark, viscous wine. Notes of blackberry and smoke make this a pretty fun, unusual oddball of a wine, but it’s not really as heavy as you might be guessing. I ¬†enjoyed this with my dessert last night, but it would also be great with a heartier lamb or beef dish.

What are you cracking open this week? Wine or something a little stronger?

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