Tea Party Tuesday: Swamp Sencha

Well, friends, it’s that time of week. Time to turn our attention to our livers. After last night’s shenanigans after the game, the poor dears probably need a detox. Never fear, green tea is here!

Tastes less cloudy than it looks!
Tastes less cloudy than it looks!

Sencha is the crappy tea you get in the teabags that are 100/$3 at the grocery store! The one I’ve brought you today is a much nicer version of that taste you probably already like. It’s a Japanese green tea that is made without grinding the tea leaves at all. It’s got a little caffeine to it, but probably something along the lines of 1/4 of the caffeine a cup of coffee might should have.

Allegedly, this will lower your cholesterol and increase your brain functions (you will suddenly remember that your girlfriend’s favorite flowers are peonies! crossword puzzles will be easy even on Sunday!), and can decrease your risk of certain kinds of cancer. I actually bathe in this stuff every morning.*

You can get the one that I drank this morning for $16/2 ounces.┬áIt’s a superior product by far– you don’t have to be an expert to taste the difference between this and the stuff you drank at Benihana,

*not true

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