The Most Duh

[Ed. Note: I accidentally scheduled this for the wrong day! It was supposed to be an accompaniment to this post. Mea culpa.]

I was over on Fab the other morning, and they had this pretty slate cheese board for sale, marked down to $20 (originally $30).

Look how fancy!
Look how fancy!

What a nice housewarming gift! Except that that took less than 1 minute to make, and well under a dollar. 

So what you will need is a piece of remaindered slate (anyone at a hardware store will just GIVE you this; mine was free because it was “discolored” and yours may be free because it has a weird edge thus making it unacceptable for roofing purposes) and some of those slippy feet.

Step one, clean the slate.

13 march 002It will be dirty.

Second step: apply little feet.

Superglue them if you're like me and antsy. Don't if you're bold.
Superglue them if you’re like me and antsy. Don’t if you’re bold.

Step three: Use. I’m serious. This is it and it took you 2 seconds and saved you $30. Don’t you feel like a GENIUS?

Use the cheese-pickin' techniques I taught you.
Use the cheese-pickin’ techniques I taught you.

SHABAM. Everyone thinks you thought of this thoughtful, nice gift, but really, you walked in to the hardware store and offered to take out their trash for them. Everyone wins.

Are you going to make this? Do you have your own cheese plate? Did this DIY already occur to you? Let me know!



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