You Should Know How to Do This: Whipped Cream

You should know by now that Cool Whip is something that grosses me out. Come on, it HAS to gross you out, too. Right? Right. When I was a kid, we had this fancy whipped cream maker, so I thought making whipped cream was this HUGE undertaking that required specialized equipment. I was incorrect. Here’s what you need:


Well, that and like, two other tiny things you definitely already have.

Get your cream and dump it into a very cold bowl, sort of like this one:

Metal is first preferred.
Metal is first preferred.

Now, get an egg beater, immersion blender, standing mixer, or even a plain whisk, and just beat the hell out of it. In approximately one minute, this is what you’ll have:

Whipped cream, y'all!
Whipped cream, y’all!

It keeps for a few days and tastes very, very rich. If you like it sweeter (you’re a freak, probably), just add a pinch of powdered sugar and/or vanilla extract to the mix and beat a little more.

Did you walk away from it? Did it get too thick? No worries. Just beat it for another second or two and you’ve got butter.

You’re done, my friend. You. Are. Done. Go forth.



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  1. Before I traveled I didn’t know that there was anything else than doing whipped Cream the way you described (don’t need a cold bowl, if the cream is refrigerated bowl at room temperature works just fine). Than I came Tunisia and I had Cool Whip for the first time. Absolutely horrific…

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