Book Club: Tale of Sand

I am new to graphic novels, but I am not a new Jim Henson fan. Miss Piggy was a great hero of mine as a little girl, and I cried my eyes out in the theatre when I watched the Jason Segel Muppets Movie. 

Mississippian, puppeteer, and creative genius Jim Henson’s professional output comprised more projects than any one man could have realized in a lifetime. It wasn’t entirely shocking when his family archivist found a complete screenplay, more or less ready for development, that no one knew existed. Ramon Perez and Henson’s estate developed and illustrated Tale of Sand from the notes Henson left.

Gorgeous, surreal, and very, very strange.

The basic plot of the book is this: a man arrives at a strange Southwestern town, is given some cryptic instructions, and told to run as fast as he can. Oh, and not to trust the instructions he’s been given. I don’t want to give much more away, but it’s an odd tale, and definitely not for kids. 

More than anything, this book is an fun and unusual look at the ideas of one of America’s most innovative thinkers. Even if you aren’t that in to graphic novels, this is one to check out, if for no other reason than to look at the great pictures and marvel. Even the font in the speech bubbles is based on Henson’s actual handwriting. I was very much smitten with the whole thing.

So have you checked this out?  Are you in to graphic novels? Let me know in the comments.

Next week, I’m reading this. I may even try out some of the stuff in there!

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