Butcher Holler Babe


Unlike Paula Abdul, who insists that she is a treasure and tells people to refer to her as such, Loretta Lynn is ACTUALLY worth her weight in pearls and diamonds and whatever other valuable thing you can think of (cheese? Cheese is more expensive than you think.). Also, unlike Paula Abdul, whose parents were like, concert pianists or something, Loretta came up real hard. She got pregnant and got married at 15, and then waited for a few years before embarking on what is easily one of the most storied careers in American country music history. Most experts agree that she waited so as not to overwhelm the general population with her awesome.* I’m not going to make a list of her accolades and admirers– too long– but I am going to make you a little compilation of awesome LL songs after the jump. Happy Thursday, and God bless the Commonwealth.

So let’s start with the obvious:


Yeah, I don’t ever want to hear you talking about how “poor” you are if you’ve ever gone to brunch or bought anything at Whole Foods, because DAMN.

Moving along:


I have been known to leave this record on and go to bed– anyone coming home may draw his own conclusions. Note: this is not a very helpful tool because drunks cannot be reasoned with. You can’t really reason with philandering jerks, either, but.

Loretta, though, God love her…she tries.


And she tries.


And, you know, tries again.


Sounds like that boy was more trouble than he was worth. As my old roommate’s mom said, “you cried enough tears to fill a urinal over him. Let him go.”

Easier said than done, my friends.


Easier said than done.

*I am the lone expert.

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