Tea Party Tuesday: Glitter and Gold

Fair warning: I know little-to-nothing about this week’s tea. My little sister picked it up at David’s Tea when she was there this fall and brought it home to share. 



Here’s what I know: It’s a Chinese black tea, but exactly what kind, I’m not sure. It’s a souchong, I’m almost certain, but beyond that, I’m just guessing. It has a little bit of orange peel, clove, and vanilla, too. The sparkle comes from little gold balls that look like dragees! In the heat of the water, they melt down and make the tea shimmer. I wish the photo did it justice– it’s dazzling. I don’t usually like gimmicks like this, but I do like shiny stuff, and this is just the right twinkle to quality ratio.

This tea isn’t a slouch– it’s a high-quality black tea, as is evidenced by the uniform-ish size and shape of the leaves and the consistency of the color throughout. It’s rich and bold in the cup, and the added spices and such add just enough zing to make themselves known but not overpower the leaves themselves.

It’s a fun beverage, for sure, but would be best for the winter. It has a flavor profile that reminds me of winter. I’m going to save the rest of the baggie for December, when I can listen to the Nutcracker and sip this by a fire. 

If this sounds appealing to you, you can pick up 1.6 ounces/$7.5 at David’s Tea.


2 responses to “Tea Party Tuesday: Glitter and Gold

  1. So THIS is where the last of my favorite tea went???

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