Lazy Sunday

Here’s a quick round up of things to read for you on this, my favorite day of the week.

You Should Know How to Do This: Being in a Wedding Party

It’s summer (or, more accurately, “a weekend from March through October”), so everyone and their brother is getting married. If you’re 19-35, you likely have at least three scheduled throughout the season. If you’re 19-35 and a Southerner, you’re…well, you’re probably not reading a blog because you’re at a wedding right now.

This is me as a bridesmaid, age 19.
This is me as a bridesmaid, age 19.

I’m not going to write a post about how to be a wedding guest, because if you DON’T know how to do that, you’re probably also the person writing the insane comments about how Obama is a reptilian alien sent to destroy us at the bottom of Slate articles.

If you’re actually a monster, here’s how you do it: you RSVP according to their wishes and on time. You bring a date or your children if your written invitation specifically says that your others (significant or otherwise) are invited but you don’t ask if you can otherwise, and you certainly do just wing it. You send them a gift from their registry or to the charity they’ve named or you give them cash to avoid anything like this. You show up on time to their wedding and you do not make a spectacle of yourself or complain at any time. THAT IS IT. You just arrive, act polite, send a gift, and then go home. If your girlfriend has to stay home, you can dance with available flower girls and aunties and everyone will think you’re sweet and you’ll have fun anyway. If you can’t afford to get a sitter, you can’t afford to go to the wedding. If you think everything on the registry is tacky, maybe reevaluate who your friends are because maybe they’re gonna stay tacky.

But I digress.

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Happy Hour: Bombshell Blonde

I super dig this can.
I super dig this can.

I do love a good dive bar after work on Friday. The Tattooed Moose is 2 blocks from my office, has a sandwich called “the Thanksgiving Leftover” and proffers several dozen beers.

The Bombshell Blonde is a Southern Star American Blond Ale and runs you about $3.50 a can. It’s rich and creamy, and has this great bread-y taste. It’s a little maltier than your average ABA, but it went well with the duck club sandwich I had. I won’t say it’s the best blond ale I’ve ever had, but it was well above average and affordable. I recommend.

What are you drinking to welcome the weekend?

Deathcab for Draper

Does there even exist crossover viewership of these two things outside of me and perhaps one other person?


One guy I know loves The O.C. but won’t watch Mad Men because “nothing happens.” Another loves Sterling Cooper Draper Price but just can’t with Marissa Cooper. A third won’t watch anyone because “no one actually is like that in real life.” I would argue: 1. Stuff totally happens on Mad Men. KEN GOT SHOT IN THE EYE. 2. No one can with Mischa Barton. 3. People are often exactly like that in real life.

Also, I would like to posit that Don is actually more Julie than Ryan. Can I get an “amen”?

Also, I’d like to hear the Vegas odds for Megan Draper getting murdered by the Manson family to a soundtrack of Hide and Seek.

(via Vulture)

Soba Noodles: For Your Own Good

This recipe comes originally from the Serve Yourself Cookbook, but saying this is an adaptation of Joe Yonan’s original is like saying my parents named me after an actress who had a guest appearance on Family Ties: that’s technically true, but really more of a jumping off point than anything else.

Introducing: The Soba Noodle Thing!
Introducing: The Soba Noodle Thing!

I probably eat this so often it’s a food group unto itself, and it doesn’t really have a name, so we call it “the soba noodle thing.” It’s super tasty, and if it takes you more than 10 minutes to make, you’re doing it wrong.

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What the Girls Call Murder


Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville was one of the first things the good folks at Plan 9 fixed me up with. I was barely 18 and damn, if it didn’t feel like she was talking right to me. The record was, what, about 15 that summer, and she had already committed her latter-day sins, but it’s a marvel every time I hear it even now. Here’s an oral history of that record (which celebrates its 20th birthday today!) via Spin