Deathcab for Draper

Does there even exist crossover viewership of these two things outside of me and perhaps one other person?


One guy I know loves The O.C. but won’t watch Mad Men because “nothing happens.” Another loves Sterling Cooper Draper Price but just can’t with Marissa Cooper. A third won’t watch anyone because “no one actually is like that in real life.” I would argue: 1. Stuff totally happens on Mad Men. KEN GOT SHOT IN THE EYE. 2. No one can with Mischa Barton. 3. People are often exactly like that in real life.

Also, I would like to posit that Don is actually more Julie than Ryan. Can I get an “amen”?

Also, I’d like to hear the Vegas odds for Megan Draper getting murdered by the Manson family to a soundtrack of Hide and Seek.

(via Vulture)

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