Lazy Sunday: 15 December 2013

We’re careening wildly toward Christmas, so here are some non-shopping-related links for you.

  • “Mistakes were made” has its own Wikipedia page.
  • A long read about the over-diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and how we got here. Fun fact: when I took the little quiz at the bottom, it said I probably have ADD, and so do about 50-60% of Americans!
  • The Onion gets just a step too close to home again.
  • I don’t know a ton about how spam comments work (other than the fact that I get a lot of them here), but The Awl figured it out, and explained it in terms I mostly understood!
  • Regardless of how you feel about eating meat, eggs, and dairy (things I eat!), read this article about factory farming.
  • Here’s a sweet video of a leopard and a baboon that doesn’t start out so great, but is pretty darn cute.
  • I had been following the Robert Levinson story for awhile, so I don’t know why it never occurred to me that he was involved in an off-book CIA mission. I sincerely thought that only happened on Covert Affairs. 

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