The Conspiracy Theory Game

My favorite icebreaker game is one I came up with when I learned that Marion Cottilard 1. almost certainly had an affair with Brad Pitt and 2. is a 9/11 truther. The essence of the game is this: you have to self-assess the weirdest conspiracy theory you could earnestly believe and still be hooking up with the exact same people you could now. In this case, we know that MC is hot enough to believe something like that bonkers and still get with Sexiest Man Alive 1995 and 2000.

This game is very revealing and extremely entertaining. So, for example, I’m probably “grassy knoll” hot, but I’m probably not “chemtrails” hot. Kate Upton is “Jon Benet Ramsey and Katy Perry are one person” hot, but I don’t think that all Playboy models are. We are all attractive enough to believe the government controls the weather. No one is “vaccines are a hoax” hot.

Today, I want to come out of the closet with this new¬†Huey Long truther.¬†Check out this episode of Criminal and tell me I’m wrong. SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS.


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