Hey! Hi! I’m Kirsten! I’d like to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I’m in the process of peopling it with folks doing exciting things and neat-looking artifacts from my life. I’m into vinyl records, farmer’s markets, used book stores, and doing things myself. Tell me what you’re working on; I promise I’m delighted to hear about it. 

I’m a writer, editor, and designer living and working in Veneto, Italy. I would be delighted to write for you, help edit your work, ghostwrite your memoir, test your cookbook, or show you the ropes of getting your book published. If you’d like me to do an event for you, or help you with designing your home, event, wardrobe, or anything like that, let me know! I’m flexible and good at listening to what you want. I love a good project, so count me in.

I am trying my best to keep it tidy around here, but you know, things get away from you sometimes. I make an effort not to use anything that doesn’t belong to me (or ask your permission first!), but if I’ve accidentally reappropriated something you’d rather me not reappropriate, let me know if you’d like me to take it down or credit you.

You can get at me here.

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