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Lazy Sunday, 1 December 2013

I’m still nursing a tryptophan hangover, so you’ll have to fend for yourselves.


Reminder: You’ve never done anything original.

Have a great week, everyone.

Fantasy Life Update: Moving In, Desk Edition

I know, knockout status.

I know, knockout status. Like the copy room sign in the background? I’m really living it up.

After your bed, there is but one piece of furniture with which you have a real relationship, and that is your desk. I spend a solid 9.5-12 hours a day at mine, and yet I always avoid really committing. This week, I added three major things to make my mark on my open-plan office workstation: Suki the fake taxidermied rhino, courtesy of my best friend, a not-that-cool-but-kinda-cool organizer, and lastly, gorgeous, perfect flowers from Roadside Blooms here in Charleston. Their model is really cool: green, sustainable flower arrangements that are based on what’s available locally in any given season. You just say, “I’d like small, medium, or large” and they bring it to you in their vintage British mail truck. I know. I know! But the best part is that they were a surprise, all the way from Afghanistan! Nothing quite like a no-reason-at-all pretty to make you feel like everything is going great.


How do you personalize your desk at work? Pictures? A candle? A terrarium?

Lazy Sunday: 1 September 2013

You know what the best part of a three-day weekend is? A four day work week comes along with that. Enjoy your day.

Happy Thursday

I got you this.

The Porn Star Next Door

Elizabeth Moran takes photos of people’s workplaces, studios, and cubicles. Her latest project depicts the custom-designed sets of Kink.com, a.k.a. the workplace of porn stars, who work hard and pay taxes like everyone else. Don’t worry! This is totally safe for work. Is it weird that I want to play in the balloon fish tank? It looks like a more fragile version of a ballpit.

Reimagined Field

The field has been announced, but this is the race I’d truly love to see.

Via the geniuses at Kentucky for Kentucky.

Via the geniuses at Kentucky for Kentucky.

Limited edition prints of this Hunter Thompson-themed dash are available at Kentuckyforkentucky.com and are $30!