Watch On Mute!

The music is pretty terrible, but please enjoy this somehow-mood-elevating four minute video of people completing physiologically unlikely acts.

I’ve never really been that interested in watching sports, but when I do, it’s never about a team or any kind of narrative; I truly love watching people do incredible things with their bodies and pushing the outer limits of what they can do.

Peyton Siva: My Secret Boyfriend

ImageLast night was pretty major in the ‘Ville, so today will be a sloooooow day here, since I’m just now getting up and around. Congrats to the boys (esp. my secret boyfriend, Peyton), and I’m glad to see everyone in town excited and celebratory! Time to fly to Las Vegas and cash my ticket.

Lazy Sunday: 7 April

As always, here are some things to think about before going back to work tomorrow.

The Freakin’ Weekend

Please pay off.
Please pay off.

I’ve got a full weekend, y’all. Heading to Evansville to pick up my grandmother’s classic Camaro, hosting a HUGE Motherlodge event (come! for free!), cheering on my sister’s alma mater in the NCAA tournament, helping to host a massive Good Friday seafood feast, dyeing 10 dozen eggs, going to I think five to ten brunches, and working in several very long and hard workouts before it’s all said and done. What are you up to? Tell me!