Midweek Craft: Rose Cinnamon Milk Bath

A couple years ago, my friend told me that when you wake up suddenly after a night of drinking, it’s because your blood sugar dropped as a result of your body metabolizing the alcohol, and so all you have to do is drink some juice and you’ll be able to go back to sleep immediately. This happened to me this morning around 4:30, but I was out of juice, so instead I went to the Piggly Wiggly to grab some powdered milk and make a craft.

I know, I’m extremely glamorous.

The result is a really easy milk bath/bath salts hybrid that was inspired by a milk jam I recently ate that was rose and cinnamon and lemon flavored. I know that sounds like a weird combination, but it was right tasty. I have been dreaming of taking a milk bath of late, so I messed around with some bath salt recipes until I got one I liked for a milk salts (TM! TM! TM! Don’t even THINK about taking that from me). Here’s the result:

Behold: A really nice gift that takes under one minute to make.
Behold: A really nice gift that takes under one minute to make.

Pretty, right? I can’t wait to loll about in the tub with a heaping spoonful of this bad boy. After the jump, I am going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Continue reading “Midweek Craft: Rose Cinnamon Milk Bath”

Midweek Craft: DIY Mirror Glass

You know what’s super annoying? When every damned thing on a blog is something that would take your whole weekend/all your vacation days/the rest of your life and a degree in fiber arts to complete. Chronderlust is not about that. Chronderlust is about coming home from the gym and deciding to make something kinda pretty on Wednesday before you reheat curry and watch The Sopranos (actual description of today). Behold: Mercury glass, the ultimate stupidly easy craft that also looks awesome.

Oh, look, both of these are pretty, but only one is expensive.
Oh, look, both of these are pretty, but only one is expensive.

You have three of the four things you need for this in your house right now. After the jump, I’ll show you how to do this, and then you, too, will have a bunch of nice hostess gifts in your present closet that you can stuff full of Publix flowers if you get invited to a dinner party last second. Stop looking at me like that; that is a totally normal thing to stock for and I resent the accusation that it isn’t.

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Inspiration Board: Inspire Your Own Self

Remember that party I went to a few weeks at Dixie Design Collective? About ten people asked me about this thing in the background:

All three had inspiration boards.

I asked Jaclyn about these thingamabobs and where she got it, and she said she did it herself and it wasn’t that hard. Well, hell, how hard could it be? Right? She said it was easy. I’m a little crafty. Kind of.
It turns out it wasn’t hard at all, and cost me about $30, all told. The tutorial is after the jump, and this took me a grand total of 30 minutes, including time spent gossiping on the phone with my best friend. Honestly, the most time-consuming part of this was…well, you’ll see! Continue reading “Inspiration Board: Inspire Your Own Self”

Like an [Em]Boss

I’m gearing up for a little party I’m having at my house to welcome spring with my friends, and I thought it might be fun to send real, printed invitations. Not a facebook invite. Not an Evite. An invitation that comes to you in the mail.

I thought I would go ahead an NOT put my full address on the internet.
I thought I would go ahead an NOT put my full address on the internet.

I wanted them to feel special, but I didn’t want them to feel overdone since it’s just brunch, so I skipped papercraft and went right for some embossing. Do you know how to do this? I’m self-taught and this whole project, including hand-writing all the invitations, took me under 90 minutes and isn’t expensive. Continue reading “Like an [Em]Boss”

A Small-But-Eggcellent Project

I swear that is the one and only egg joke I intend to make. I promise it’s over now.

This is probably the last in the series of things about my grandmother for a little bit, but I wanted to recreate a project we did together when I was little, and it’s not too hard to do at home. Introducing the silhouette egg:

Oooo. Ahhhh.
Oooo. Ahhhh.

These aren’t hard and they make really nice ornaments, gifts, or, um, snacks, especially for Passover and Easter, which are both coming up soon. The tutorial for how to make them is after the jump!

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The Freakin’ Weekend.

I'm ready to climb up this ladder and out of my office. Yes, my office has a skylight.
I’m ready to climb up this ladder and out of my office. Yes, my office has a skylight.

Hey, what are you doing this weekend? I’m taking some Hydrorider classes, making these cool silhouette eggs (check back with me tomorrow for the post!), and having Sunday brunch with my friends out in Germantown. I’m going to have a late-afternoon hike in Radcliffe before visiting Stephanie and Ben! Tell me what you’re planning to do! Tell me if you want to come do stuff with me!

Michigan Style: Now the ONLY Style

When it comes to hand holding, there are two styles: original recipe (that would be with fingers interlocked) and Michigan style (with a sort of cupped hand). Michigan style hand holding, which is, in fact, entirely of my own invention, takes its name from the Great Lakes State’s shape. 

A few weeks ago, I came across these:

These are very cute. Courtesy of katespade.com. 

They are also very $85 dollars, which I thought was kind of absurd. So I made them myself, and now I’m wearing these suckers everywhere. It took me approximately one episode of This American Life to complete, taking in to consideration the wine I drank AND the time I accidentally sewed one of the quotation marks like a comma. After the jump, there’s a tutorial, so stay tuned.

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