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Grief Bacon

I’ve always longed for a word that meant “hiding with the intention of jumping out to say ‘boo'”.


My Wasted Years

Los Si Si Sis aren’t breaking entirely new ground or anything, but I don’t care and I really like their record because I came of age in the mid-00s and am stuck there forever.

People criticize bands whose sound doesn’t evolve much, but not I. I’m all about things I like remaining constant, and don’t even act like you weren’t all about “Date With The Night.” Liar.

I saw Karen O & Co. in Philly once, and it was singularly the most fun I’ve ever had in the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I love how Ms. Lady dresses like Betsey Johnson on acid, and let me tell you, whatever “it” is? She’s got it, and he’s got it, and they’ve got it.


The Baddest Female

To be totally honest, I’m not sure I understand the theme, the plot, the overall lyrical intention of this AMAZING 2NE1 video, but uhhh, I want to quit my life and follow these ladies. I promise I can master the choreography

The Freakin’ Weekend

Please pay off.

Please pay off.

I’ve got a full weekend, y’all. Heading to Evansville to pick up my grandmother’s classic Camaro, hosting a HUGE Motherlodge event (come! for free!), cheering on my sister’s alma mater in the NCAA tournament, helping to host a massive Good Friday seafood feast, dyeing 10 dozen eggs, going to I think five to ten brunches, and working in several very long and hard workouts before it’s all said and done. What are you up to? Tell me!

Getting Out: Cincinnati

Despite the fact that Kentucky is the South and Ohio is the Midwest, we share a lot of border. I’m talking a lot. Cincinnati is only about ninety minutes away from Louisville, so I go there sometimes, just for kicks.

I am usually morally opposed to going to Ohio, because what do they have that I don’t, other than IKEA and some pro sports teams? Admittedly, those are some pretty big things to not have, but I also discovered they have some OTHER stuff that I like/want.

There is some amazing art deco architecture and the like, some beautiful museums, great food, and all kinds of stuff like that. All in all, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting from the third largest city in Ohio. A lot of people gave me amazing suggestions, and I followed them accordingly.

The Delta Queen steamboat, and a view of the city at night.

The Delta Queen steamboat, and a view of the city at night.

Don’t take my word for it. Photos and a city guide after the jump. Continue reading