Gestures & Sounds

As your friends pair off, some of them are going to pick better partners than others. I know this is a joke an all, but this it’s rock-solid advice for how to not say something you don’t mean, but not be a jerk, either.


Biz Ket Dahn Sah!

I kind of forgot about this video, and then remembered the unbridled joy it brought me. Not ENTIRELY SFW, depending on whether or not everyone you work with is completely humorless.


This week is going to be great, and this biscuit dance is here to prove it.

Homeschool It by the Front Door


I’m just ready for the You Belong with Me moment when Andy Samberg realizes that there’s definitely a non-fiction editor in South Carolina that he is probably in love with? Which seems unlikely since I’m brunette and we all know how Taylor Swift videos end.

Anyway, fair warning: this is really, really NSFW and also really, really funny.

Made by Kentucky Hands


A Kentuckian made this. I live in a county named for his ancestors, and that, my friends, is a fact. Also, he apparently used to date a dark haired woman with my same last name, so when people ask me if he dated my sister I don’t say no.

Yes, I’m going to do this until the Derby.  I’m not sorry.

Cats Skydiving to R. Kelly (Yep.)

I don’t know what language this is (Swedish?) or what this is advertising but I am positive I want to buy 10 of it.

Call Your Girlfriend Maybe

If you don’t know about this, I don’t know how you’ve been surviving the past couple months, because I love this song and also this man and have been listening to this song maybe 10 times a day. When you’re ready, watch this to realize how perfect this really is.