Lazy Sunday: 20 July 2014

I don’t have internet in my house and so I’m working at this lovely bakery for the day. Unfortunately, the couple next to me is talking about how date rape “isn’t a real thing” and that the current situation in Gaza could be neutralized with by flying in some bacon. Imagine I typed this very, very loudly.


Lazy Sunday: 6 July 2014

I’m out yonder, celebrating America’s birthday, but I got you these things to read over in my absence.


Lazy Sunday: 1 September 2013

You know what the best part of a three-day weekend is? A four day work week comes along with that. Enjoy your day.

Lazy Sunday: 25 August

Here are some things to read so that you’ll have something insightful and meaningful to take to brunch.

Lazy Sunday: 28 April

Well, friends, I got you these. Enjoy a quiet day.

Lazy Sunday: 31 March

Happy Easter, if you’re doing that today. Happy Day-Before-Half-Priced-Chocolates if you aren’t. Enjoy these either way.

Read away, babies.