Lazy Sunday

My babely friend Mel is visiting (a post on our kitchen adventures later!), so y’all can read while we’re out frolicking in the ocean.

Lazy Sunday: 28 April

Well, friends, I got you these. Enjoy a quiet day.

Lazy Sunday: 17 March

Weekly things of interest for ya! I’m about to hop on a plane, so post the things I should read in the comments!

Native Son

This article is an oldie but goodie by native son and definite genius John Jeremiah Sullivan. Without giving too much away, it deals with youth culture, evangelical Christianity, and the divided America. Before you’re all,yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all about this…well, you just keep your panties on for like, two seconds.  I was kind of bored with the article, too, until John (again, I feel like we’re friends because we’re from the same town [see: Chad Harbach]) reveals that he used to share their culture and wrestle with their demons. And that’s on page three of twenty. Do yourself a favor and read this on your coffee break.