Staying In: Louisville, Kentucky

I usually do my travel guide on Mondays, but I’m about to move from Louisville, and I’m getting in my “last ______s” right now. People ask me about what to do in the city all the time, so maybe I’ll just make a list for you right now. It’s timely, right? You’re coming for the Derby, I hope.

Horses may be our civic religion, but there's so much more than that here.
Horses may be our civic religion, but there’s so much more than that here.

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Peyton Siva: My Secret Boyfriend

ImageLast night was pretty major in the ‘Ville, so today will be a sloooooow day here, since I’m just now getting up and around. Congrats to the boys (esp. my secret boyfriend, Peyton), and I’m glad to see everyone in town excited and celebratory! Time to fly to Las Vegas and cash my ticket.

Jon Michael and Kirstan’s Engagement

Before I say anything else, I feel I should tell you I am not engaged, but my friend is! His new fiancee and I share the same name, and he enlisted me to help him plan and execute the proposal he’d been dreaming of.  He probably picked me to help him because we have the same name. They’re a little shy, so I’m not including photos of them, but after the jump, check out some of the photos!

Pretty pretty, Jon Michael!
Pretty pretty, Jon Michael! Ring was custom-made for Kirstan by an Etsy artist.

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Native Son

This article is an oldie but goodie by native son and definite genius John Jeremiah Sullivan. Without giving too much away, it deals with youth culture, evangelical Christianity, and the divided America. Before you’re all,yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all about this…well, you just keep your panties on for like, two seconds.  I was kind of bored with the article, too, until John (again, I feel like we’re friends because we’re from the same town [see: Chad Harbach]) reveals that he used to share their culture and wrestle with their demons. And that’s on page three of twenty. Do yourself a favor and read this on your coffee break.

The Freakin’ Weekend

Oscar can’t move if you put anything on him, like, say, a scarf.

Hey, what are you doing this weekend? Tell me about it down below!

If you’re in Kentucky and so inclined, you could come to one of my events AND learn how to garden and square dance at the same time.

Made by Southern Hands

Last night, I had the privilege of providing food for my friends at the Dixie Design Collective. They have a new office at The Pointe in Butchertown, and it. is. jaw-dropping. These ladies are designers and hardcore DIYers, so this is all their own personal doing. That boggles the mind.

I want to move in here.
I want to move in here.

The whole space is perfect and beautiful, as one might anticipate the office of Louisville’s best stylists might be, and all the partygoers were the nicest of well-wishers. I met wedding planners, photographers, painters, creative directors, florists, designers, you name it. Everyone was really excited to see these nice people have such success.

photo (1)
I can’t take credit for those AMAZING cupcakes. Those were allll Stellar Sweets.

If you’d like to see more photos and some links to their effortless, classy, fun work, follow me to the place that the intertrons take you after the jump.

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Fantasy Life Update: Terrariums

Once upon a time in Mississippi, there lived a woman with approximately ten terrariums scattered about her pretty adorable home.

This is her. Look at her, giggling about the terrariums back at her house.
This is her. Look at her, giggling about the terrariums back at her house.

Unfortunately, the terrariums did not survive the move to Kentucky, and her current living situation does not allow for further terrarium creation. Also, this woman is me, so I’m going to go ahead and give up this conceit right now.

The good news is that people heard me mention the lost, self-sustaining ecosystems I had fostered (or maybe heard me crying about them late at night [not that I did that]), and it has become the default present to give me in the last few months. Below are the the two non-me-made terrariums I have been gifted.

Surprisingly hard to take compelling photos of these compelling little worlds.
Surprisingly hard to take compelling photos of these compelling little worlds.

The one on the right is from The Terrarium Lady here in town. Unfortunately, the Terrarium Lady does not have a webpage, but if you’re ever in town, you can purchase one from her at the Flea Off Market. The other  is from Twig Terrariums in Brooklyn, and yes, they ship!

The reason I love these so is that hey, I’m a busy lady, and I can’t be made to make a watering schedule in Excel and then hire a plant sitter and leave her with lots of instructions when I go to conferences or whatever. The other is that they make your house look really…lush? Verdant? These both seem like slightly slick words to employ, but a couple well-placed jars full of succulents (also a little slimy) make your home look alive and well for almost no effort.

Once I’m back in a larger space with a garage, I’ll make a how-to-make-your-own-terrarium tutorial. Would you like that? Learning how to make your own tiny world inside a cookie jar?

All Over It

The most exciting thing just happened!

I was hanging out at my favorite coffee shop in Louisville, Please and Thank You, and I overheard three guys at the next table talking about developing new stuff for Over, the app I use and love here on my little bloglet. I tapped one on the shoulder to show him Chronderlust and tell them how much I love their app. I didn’t know we were all from the same town, hanging out with the same folks in the same places.

Over is $2 at the Apple Store (Droid users gotta wait). I have fewer than five purchased apps on Ye Olde iPhone, and this is one of them. You’ve got to get it– Aaron (aka my new friend) says they’re developing new fonts just for them, and extending the stuff you can do with the app itself.

I didn’t have a cool picture in hand to use today, so I had someone take one later so I could use something to pay tribute to kismet! Here, look at the stuff I wore today!

Shoes from my friend Holli's shop, Cargo. Jacket from Mommalicious in Lancaster, PA. Nothing else from anywhere noteworthy.
Shoes from my friend Holli’s shop, Cargo. Jacket from Mommalicious in Lancaster, PA. Nothing else from anywhere noteworthy.