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Deathcab for Draper

Does there even exist crossover viewership of these two things outside of me and perhaps one other person?


One guy I know loves The O.C. but won’t watch Mad Men because “nothing happens.” Another loves Sterling Cooper Draper Price but just can’t with Marissa Cooper. A third won’t watch anyone because “no one actually is like that in real life.” I would argue: 1. Stuff totally happens on Mad Men. KEN GOT SHOT IN THE EYE. 2. No one can with Mischa Barton. 3. People are often exactly like that in real life.

Also, I would like to posit that Don is actually more Julie than Ryan. Can I get an “amen”?

Also, I’d like to hear the Vegas odds for Megan Draper getting murdered by the Manson family to a soundtrack of Hide and Seek.

(via Vulture)


Between approximately 8:45 p.m. EST and 11:15 p.m. EST, do not call me. I need to watch Ken Cosgrove do this:

And also watch Eric Northman do whatever, really. I would watch Alexander Skarsgard clean gutters.

If you’re on fire, call the fire department. They may be reached at 9-1-1.

If you eat poisonous mushrooms, this is the poison control number.

If you experience natural disaster, I am the last person on earth you want to call.

I think I’ve covered all your needs from now until 11:30.

The Freakin’ Weekend

I'm not coming back.

I’m not coming back.

So what are you up to this weekend? I’m doing apartment hunting and a barre class tonight, then a beach bonfire. Tomorrow is going to be a blur of Spoleto and the farmer’s market. Sunday is probably going to consist mainly of me getting nervous that Sharon Tate is Megan Draper.  Got any cool plans?

Fact vs. Fiction

I’m starting to get more and more confused about what is and isn’t real on Mad Men, so I need help, and I’m glad it has arrived. Excited for the new episode!

Perfect Martinis

To celebrate the return of Mad Men and the approach of everyone telling me it’s clear liquor season (approx. 2 weeks), I thought I’d share my recipe for the perfect martini.


This should cover it. My garbage disposal’s preferred brand of gin is Bombay Sapphire.