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The Freakin’ Weekend

I'm not coming back.

I’m not coming back.

So what are you up to this weekend? I’m doing apartment hunting and a barre class tonight, then a beach bonfire. Tomorrow is going to be a blur of Spoleto and the farmer’s market. Sunday is probably going to consist mainly of me getting nervous that Sharon Tate is Megan Draper.  Got any cool plans?

One Leg at a Time: Spring Weddings

One of my readers emailed me the other morning to tell me she has approximately 35 weddings to attend in the next few months (exaggeration mine). She was feeling a little weird about trying to figure out her wardrobe choices and asked for my help. I am extremely excited to provide said help, since I plan weddings for a living and also because I fancy myself a contemporary Amy Vanderbilt.


This is my beloved friend Kat’s wedding at her gorgeous church here at home in Kentucky.

At approximately age 22, all your friends will start to get married. It’ll start with one or two, and you’ll be able to explain it away. Then, at around age 24, people will begin to get married without explanation. At age 26, you are suddenly awash in wedding invitations. Please feel free to +1.5 years to these numbers if you’re from north of Maryland or west of Dallas, but really, the point remains thus: once that tide starts, there is not one damn thing you can do to stop it except buy a bunch of things from Crate and Barrel. You’re an adult. Adults do stuff like get married. Calm down, okay? Weddings are super fun! You get to buy a new outfit, drink other people’s drinks, and try to make out with a cute gal/guy you may never see again. It’s like fraternity parties for older people.  BUT WHAT DO YOU WEAR?

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Snacks on Snacks on Snacks: Picking a Perfect Cheese Plate

It's intimidating, I know.

It’s intimidating, I know.

When I was in college, there was this fancy cheese counter at the fancy grocery, and the boy who worked there was SO. CUTE. I spent way too much of my college student budget at that place, but it was totally worth it because that guy became my boyfriend!

JUST KIDDING. He had no idea what my name was, but he did teach me some cool stuff about cheese and now I am pro status at picking out the perfect cheese plate for any soiree. No matter where you live, your grocery store probably has a nice selection of cheeses, so take this advice with you when you go to reach maximum satisfaction level with your selections. Many of the nicer shops have a little remainder bin in the case, so you can try really small portions of new stuff for a pittance. This is my recommendation to you, unless you’re throwing quite the party. My suggestions are after the jump.

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Jon Michael and Kirstan’s Engagement

Before I say anything else, I feel I should tell you I am not engaged, but my friend is! His new fiancee and I share the same name, and he enlisted me to help him plan and execute the proposal he’d been dreaming of.  He probably picked me to help him because we have the same name. They’re a little shy, so I’m not including photos of them, but after the jump, check out some of the photos!

Pretty pretty, Jon Michael!

Pretty pretty, Jon Michael! Ring was custom-made for Kirstan by an Etsy artist.

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The Freakin’ Weekend

Please pay off.

Please pay off.

I’ve got a full weekend, y’all. Heading to Evansville to pick up my grandmother’s classic Camaro, hosting a HUGE Motherlodge event (come! for free!), cheering on my sister’s alma mater in the NCAA tournament, helping to host a massive Good Friday seafood feast, dyeing 10 dozen eggs, going to I think five to ten brunches, and working in several very long and hard workouts before it’s all said and done. What are you up to? Tell me!

Breakthroughs in Event Design Technology

Photo via The Cut.

Photo via The Cut.

So, wedding season is upon me, and as much as I love and adore my clients (I! REALLY! DO!), man, I get tired of weddings every weekend for several months on end. It’d be so fun to break it up a little with some of these fetes. Contact me for my Starter Baby Shower rates.

The Freakin’ Weekend


Welcome, Spring!

So, what are you doing this weekend? I’m hosting a little party, getting ready for my trip to Las Vegas/Los Angeles/San Francisco,* and going to the Vernon Club for $1 beers and late-night bowling. Tell me what your plans are!

*give me your SF/LA/LV travel tips!