Lazy Sunday

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me! I bet you do, too. I hope you’ll make some time for the good stuff.

The Porn Star Next Door

Elizabeth Moran takes photos of people’s workplaces, studios, and cubicles. Her latest project depicts the custom-designed sets of, a.k.a. the workplace of porn stars, who work hard and pay taxes like everyone else. Don’t worry! This is totally safe for work. Is it weird that I want to play in the balloon fish tank? It looks like a more fragile version of a ballpit.

Skill of the Month: Taking Better Pictures

A quick diversion from the Derbycentric postings: It’s 1 May! I am still utterly committed to self-improvement. April went pretty well! I can now top off the fluids, add air to my tires, and understand the basic mechanics of changing a tire.

This month, I want to learn to take better photos. I have a copy of Food Styling, which should help, but do any of you have pointers? I need a heap of help. This is probably the only good photo I’ve ever taken:

Mr. Cook, a 4th-generation sweet potato farmer, and the subject of a little chapbook I wrote.
Mr. Cook, a 4th-generation sweet potato farmer, and the subject of a little chapbook I wrote.

I took this for a documentary photography class I took in graduate school, but I otherwise have zero training. Who wants to help?

Nostalgia: A Hell of a Drug

I think the guy on the right may be my real dad. Mom, please advise. (via

Check out these amazing photographs of tourists from the 80s and early 90s. I definitely spotted some stuff that I owned circa then. I’m not sure why I find this whole thing so touching, but it’s definitely worth a quick look midday.


I watched A. LOT. of America’s Next Top Model in high school. I didn’t want to be a model, per se, but I DID want to watch everyone roll around in awkward positions with bizarre doll makeup with Tyra and Nigel screaming at everyone to “SMIZE!” and all that. 

I have tried and failed at this one specifically. Photo via Yolonda Dominguez.

Here is artist Yolonda Dominguez‘ series of normal people in normal places posing like models. This is good for at least several minutes of maniacal giggling at your laptop.