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So, on the one hand, oh, my god, can you even imagine being as strong as this tiny child? Or as good at moving your body and face around? Or as good at singing songs? On the other hand, does anyone else feel like the flesh-colored leotard really, really toes the creep line? Share your thoughts below.

Marseilles at Night

I think this might be the coolest thing ever.


It’s a Coke. For the last time, a Coke.

Did you take that crazy, now-closed dialect quiz from N.C. State a couple weeks back? Cool, me, too. I sound how you probably think I do. Here’s a video of that data, visualized beautifully.

Lazy Sunday: 25 August

Here are some things to read so that you’ll have something insightful and meaningful to take to brunch.

Gestures & Sounds

As your friends pair off, some of them are going to pick better partners than others. I know this is a joke an all, but this it’s rock-solid advice for how to not say something you don’t mean, but not be a jerk, either.


My Wasted Years

Los Si Si Sis aren’t breaking entirely new ground or anything, but I don’t care and I really like their record because I came of age in the mid-00s and am stuck there forever.

People criticize bands whose sound doesn’t evolve much, but not I. I’m all about things I like remaining constant, and don’t even act like you weren’t all about “Date With The Night.” Liar.

I saw Karen O & Co. in Philly once, and it was singularly the most fun I’ve ever had in the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I love how Ms. Lady dresses like Betsey Johnson on acid, and let me tell you, whatever “it” is? She’s got it, and he’s got it, and they’ve got it.


Biz Ket Dahn Sah!

I kind of forgot about this video, and then remembered the unbridled joy it brought me. Not ENTIRELY SFW, depending on whether or not everyone you work with is completely humorless.

This week is going to be great, and this biscuit dance is here to prove it.